Why Did Bob Marley Refused Treatment For Cancer

Is it uncomfortable to get a toenail biopsy?

In general, dermatologists avoid taking nail unit biopsies because they are difficult to prepare for and need a particular setup, which dermatologists don’t enjoy. Nail biopsies may slow down the pace of your clinic and are uncomfortable and difficult for patients. ”

Bob Marley died of what kind of cancer?

Reggae musician Bob Marley died in May 1981 following a four-year struggle with skin cancer that began on the bottom of his toe. The association of melanoma with pale skin and UV radiation from the sun may appear surprising.

What is the appearance of acral lentiginous melanoma?

A black or dark discoloration on the sole of the foot or the palm of the hand is the primary symptom of acral lentiginous melanoma. There is a distinct difference between a bruise or stain and a tumour. Everyone, regardless of race or ethnicity, is susceptible to developing acral lentiginous melanoma.

Melanoma is caused by what?

Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, including sunshine and tanning beds, is the key risk factor for melanoma, with the risk increasing as the exposure increases. Those who were often sunburnt as a youngster are more likely to get melanoma as adults.

What are the symptoms of acral lentiginous melanomas?

There are certain regions of the body where advanced stages of Acral Lentiginous Melanoma may cause discomfort. A thickening of the lesions on the sole of your foot as the disease spreads may make it difficult to walk.

Do you have cancer if you see a black line on your fingernail?

More gravely, melanoma, a deadly type of skin cancer, might be indicated by a black line or lines on the nails. Subungual melanoma is a kind of melanoma that occurs beneath the fingernail.

Is the pain of melanoma on the toenail?

A subungual melanoma in the thumb or big toe has been identified in 75% to 90% of reported cases. But they may be observed in other toes and fingers, as well. Also, they may be quite painful. There may also be inflammation, which is a natural body response to infection or damage.

Who came up with reggae in the first place?

77-year-old reggae icon Toots Hibbert, lead singer of Toots and the Maytals, has died. With songs like Pressure Drop, Monkey Man, and Funky Kingston, he helped popularise reggae in the ’60s.

Is it possible that a darkened toenail might indicate cancer?

Subungual melanoma is often diagnosed by a black toenail. Cancer is what subungual melanoma is. If you have a fungal infection, you may notice that your toenail has changed colour.

It is a death sentence for those with nodules of melanoma, isn’t it?

Conclusion. Because of its fast growth and metastasis, nodular melanoma is often fatal. Within months, it might be lethal.

Is nodular melanoma something you can beat?

Survival and the future

Most severe skin cancer, nodular melanoma, is found in the skin. It is more difficult to detect early on because of how rapidly it develops and spreads compared to other forms. The 5-year survival rate for melanoma that has not spread is 98.4%.

Acral lentiginous melanoma: How long can you expect to live with it?

After an ALM diagnosis, non-Hispanic whites had an average survival rate of 82.6% for at least another five years and 69.4% for at least ten years. African Americans had a 5-year survival rate of 77.2% and a 10-year survival rate of 71.5 percent on average.

Who knows what caused Bob Marley’s cancer?

Marley died of a skin cancer called acral lentiginous melanoma. In 1977, he was diagnosed, and the disease had progressed from beneath a toe nail. In 1977, while playing football, he was diagnosed with melanoma. There was a significant increase in the severity of a foot injury.

Is it possible to cure melanoma in the nodules?

Medical care for melanomas with nodular growths

When found early, nodular melanoma is highly treatable. However, since nodular melanoma develops so swiftly, it is generally discovered at a later stage of development. Cure the cancer is the objective of therapy for nodular melanoma.

Is it true that Bob Marley had chemo?

After seven months of gruelling treatment in the United States and West Germany, Bob Marley, 36, reggae music’s best-known and most skilled representative, died this morning in a Miami hospital of lung cancer and a brain tumour.