Why Are Cancer Men So Difficult

Is it possible that cancerians are abrasive?

Cancer crabs may be obstinate and sluggish to budge when it comes to their hearts, so patience is a virtue when dealing with them.

You must be honest with a Cancer lady you love.
What are the enemies of cancer?

Cancer. Cancerians’ archenemies are Leo and Scorpio, according to the zodiac. According to Cancerians, Leo is still fighting and opposing them. Cancerian believes that Scorpions manipulate their emotions in order to gain their allegiance.
A cancer’s soulmate is…
3. Soulmate in Cancer: Virgo Virgo is a perfect match for Cancer’s emotional needs. Virgo is well-versed in the delicate vulnerabilities of Cancer when it comes to love and relationships.
Jealousy is a common emotion among men with Cancer astrological signs.
He gets envious of others.

For a Cancerian, the most important qualities in a partner are stability and dedication. You