Where We Bout To Eat At Kid Cancer

antwain Fowler died in what manner?

The cause of Fowler’s death is yet unknown, although he had been battling autoimmune enteropathy, a disorder that prevents the body from absorbing nutrients. According to a GoFundMe website established up in Fowler’s honour, he has been battling this cancer since 2015.

TJ Fowler, what happened to you?

A 6-year-old Miami social media star, Antwain “TJ” Fowler, died last week after a long battle with a rare illness, which he had battled for years.

Please tell me what happened to “You Got Cheese?

The sad news came through Fowler’s mother’s Instagram account, which she manages. ‘Autoimmune Enteropathy,’ a disorder that impedes the body’s capacity to absorb nutrients from meals, was Fowler’s battle. However, it has not been determined whether the condition was the cause of his untimely death.

Anthony “Anthony” Fowler
Died at the age of six was Antwain Fowler, the boy who went viral with his video of “Where We About to Eat at”. Inquiring, “Where are we going to dine at?

” made Antwain Fowler a household name. Sadly, he passed away. He was six years old. China Fowler, Fowler’s mother, confirmed the news on Sunday with a sorrowful Instagram post that he shared.

Kids, where are we having dinner right now?

After a video of a six-year-old boy asking, “Where are we going to eat?” went viral, the youngster sadly died. Antwain Fowler is said to have died as a result of autoimmune enteropathy complications.

For what did Antwain become renowned?

His ‘where we’re going to eat’ video, which became an online phenomenon in 2019, has been taken away from Antwain Fowler at the age of six. Six-year-old Antwain Fowler, who became renowned for his viral video “where we about to eat at,” has died.

What ever become of antwain, the Tiktok native?

“Where are we about to eat?” was a question Antwain Fowler asked in a video that went viral, and now he’s gone. He had a lengthy fight with an autoimmune condition, his family reported. He was six at the time.

Exactly who is Antwaan’s mother?

Antwain’s mother, Christina Burns, told TMZ that he set up a GoFundMe page in March during one of his several hospital stints. Since his death on Sunday, $22,000 has been given, bringing the total to $74,000.

What happened to the kid who told us where we were going to eat?

A uncommon autoimmune deficiency was the cause of Antwain’s death on November 21. According to his mother, he has been in and out of the hospital since he was four months old. Only six years old at the time.

Exactly how old is TJ?

Antwain Big TJ was 6 years old when he died on December 23, 2015. At the end of December 2021, he would have been 7, but he did not live to see that day.

When someone says you’ve got cheese, what exactly do they mean?

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