When Ovarian Cancer Spreads

Is ovarian cancer a fast-moving disease?

Is it easy for ovarian cancer to spread? Within a year, ovarian cancer may go from being in its early beginnings to being in its late stages. Malignant epithelial carcinoma is the most prevalent kind of cancer, and it may develop out of control fast and spread throughout the body within a matter of weeks or months.

Ovarian cancer often spreads to one of the following places:

Where does ovarian cancer begin to develop before spreading to other parts of the body?

However, if the disease is not discovered in its early stages, most instances of ovarian cancer will follow the same course: from the pelvis, through the lymph nodes and the liver. There is no one path that ovarian cancer will take.

What is the progression of ovarian cancer?

An advanced (metastatic) cancer is one that has spread to other parts of the body. So, if you’ve had cancer extend beyond the ovary, it’s likely that it’s also affected your liver or lungs. Keeping cancer under control for as long as feasible is the ultimate goal of medical therapy. So that you might live a longer and healthier life.