What Kind Of Cancer Does One Funny Mommy Husband Have

How did you find hilarious mommy on Facebook?

During the outbreak of COVID-19, One Funny Mother Dena Blizzard resorted to Facebook Live to keep in touch with her audience of moms and wine aficionados.

Lisa Riley, who are you?

Court stenographer turned comedian Lisa Marie Riley @onefunnymommy is her real name. As @onefunnymommy, she became a social media star in a matter of days. Her tiktok videos have racked up over 2.7 million views and she has over 500k followers on her social media platforms.

Who is Lisa Marie?

Lisa Marie – New York Comedy Festival. Lisa Marie’s funny daily observations on life and parenting, along with her trademark hair clip and Brooklyn accent, have had everyone in quarantine chuckling. Her TikTok videos have been seen more than 2.7 million times and she has over 500k followers.

What is the origin of Lisa’s wit?

In addition to being a hilarious wife and mother, Lisa Marie, who was born and raised in Brooklyn, lives on Staten Island. And her family provides her with plenty of material from which to draw laughter.