What Is Metaplastic Breast Cancer

Metaplastic breast cancer: Which therapy is best?

Chemotherapy. Many patients with metaplastic breast cancer will be prescribed chemotherapy. Breast cancer patients receive chemotherapy to lessen their chances of the disease returning or spreading.

How quickly can metaplastic breast cancer travel from one location to another?

It is more common for metaplastic breast cancer to return and spread more rapidly than IDC or LDC. The greatest recurrence rate is between 18 months and three to five years after therapy has ended.

Is metaplastic breast cancer hereditary?

Metaplastic cancer of the breast is also, in a broad sense, hereditary. Genetic alterations in cancerous cells are present in all forms of the disease. There are currently no known heritable genetic risk factors.

Is it possible to treat metaplastic breast cancer?

This kind of breast cancer, known as metaplastic breast cancer (MpBC), is very uncommon and may spread to other parts of the body. It is not curable since it is found in the late stages by doctors, however medication may help individuals manage the illness.