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Does Celery Help Lower Blood Pressure

How helpful is raw celery for your health? Celery has a low glycemic index and is rich in vitamins and minerals. As a celery fan, you’ll get the benefits of vitamins A, K and C as well as minerals like as potassium and folate. In addition, it

Can Ptsd Cause High Blood Pressure

If my blood pressure is high, should I take a rest? The nitty-gritty. Your blood pressure measurement might be influenced by the way you’re standing or sitting. Anecdotal evidence suggests that laying down raises blood pressure. However, recen

Can Shingles Cause High Blood Pressure

Is Benadryl able to treat shingles? Your doctor may prescribe an over-the-counter painkiller to ease the discomfort of shingles. Acetaminophen (under the trade name Tylenol) or ibuprofen are examples of such medications (two brands: Motrin, Ad

Can Migraines Cause High Blood Pressure

My blood pressure is at 160 over 100. What should I do next? Blood pressure values that persistently exceed 160/100 mm Hg are considered to be in Stage 2 of hypertension. To treat high blood pressure, physicians may recommend a mix of drugs an