How to Make Her Regret Losing You

If you have been in a relationship, you’ll know that regrets are inevitable. But playing the blame game is not constructive. You should acknowledge that your actions have hurt your partner and apologize for the mistakes you made. But you might be guilty of doing the wrong thing and don’t want to admit it, thinking that it wouldn’t make a difference. If your ex feels that you’ve hurt her, she might regret leaving you.

Disregarding your ex’s social media posts

One of the most effective ways to make your ex regret losing you is to ignore her social media posts. The downside of this strategy is that you have no way of knowing whether or not it works. It requires a lot of guesswork and faith on your part. It is also hard to get feedback immediately.

Avoiding gushing about your internship

Internships are a great way to build up your portfolio and gain professional experience. In fact, TIME recently described internships as the new entry-level job. These days, employers expect first-time job applicants to have professional experience and internships help them get this started. If you’re considering an internship, here are some tips for preparing yourself.

Avoiding complaining about your professor

If your professor is giving a lousy class, avoid complaining to him or her in front of the entire class. This can hurt the reputation of the professor, the department, and the school. Complaints can also lead to lawsuits, complaints to the Board of Trustees, and even reporting to the accrediting body.

Avoiding ignoring her on social media

If you’re having trouble rekindling the romance with your girlfriend, try to avoid ignoring her on social media. Many women check their ex’s profile when they’re bored or depressed. While ignoring her will not hurt you, it may make her feel as though she’s missing out on something that she loves.

Another way to make your ex regret losing you is to extend your social circle. Generally, people over 50 are less likely to accept new acquaintances, but this can be done by going out to coffee or posting pictures of yourself on social media. This way, your ex will notice that you’re not a total stranger.

Reaching out to her

One way to make her regret losing you is to reach out to her family and friends. You might want to tell them that you’ve missed seeing them together and how much you miss them, and they may be more receptive to your return. However, some women are more private and may not want to talk about the details of their breakup.

Creating new relationships can also help you make your ex-girlfriend regret losing you. It’s natural to feel guilty when you’ve hurt someone. However, playing the blame game is not constructive. Typically, people who hurt others will apologize for their actions. You can try getting close to her friends at work or via social media.

There are signs that your ex girlfriend regrets losing you. She may try to put in a good word for you through her friends. She may also ask your forgiveness and accept you. You may also notice changes in her lifestyle. These may include changes in her way of speaking or dressing.

External support should be a major part of your strategy. Though men are expected to be macho and strong, it is a good idea to lean on your friends during difficult times. However, your ex-girlfriend might misconstrue your efforts to seek support from your female friends as a sign of weakness.

Avoiding checking up on her

Avoid checking up on her on social media. If your ex is really sad about losing you, she would stay away from social media. If your ex is just trying to keep distance between you and your friends, then she’s probably not very serious. Social media stalking is a sign of someone who doesn’t care about you and is only interested in keeping track of you, not your life.