How is Steve Pool Doing With His Cancer?

How is Steve Pool Doing With His Cancer?

Steve Pool was diagnosed with cancer last year and took a leave of absence from work. His illness was not disclosed to his family until he started his treatment at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Proton Therapy Center in Northgate. Since then, he has become much closer to his family.

Is Steve pool in remission?

For years, pool was in the spotlight as a weathercaster. But, in September 2018, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. To fight this disease, he underwent proton therapy, a form of radiation that uses a high-powered beam of radiation to target cancer cells while minimizing the damage to healthy tissue. The therapy was successful; Steve is currently in remission.

Pool, a UW graduate, started his career at KOMO in the late 1970s as an intern. He eventually became the station’s principal weather anchor. From there, he went on to win numerous Emmy awards and hosted his own award-winning show, Front Runners. He also made history as one of the first African-American weather anchors in the country. He often stepped in as the weather anchor on Good Morning America.

What kind of cancer did Steve pool have?

Steve Pool’s wife Michelle has been married for 24 years. Together, they have two daughters. Lindsey is studying Arts and Science, while Marissa has not yet decided what she wants to study. Despite the traumatic news, Pool’s wife is still hopeful that their son will return soon. She said she is incredibly proud of her husband’s courage and strength. In September 2018, Pool announced that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Since then, he has been under treatment.

As a result, Pool is taking some time off work from KOMO. Despite the fact that he’s gone through chemo and radiation treatments, the newscaster is still fighting for his life. He appeared on KOMO-TV in May 2019 and said he was nearly done with treatment. He said he hoped to be back on his feet soon. Since then, he has gone silent on KOMO television. However, his family and friends have kept in touch with him. Steve’s cancer treatment has made him closer to his family.

The news that Steve Pool has been diagnosed with cancer is a shock to the public. A retired meteorologist, Steve Pool started his career at KOMO-TV in the late 1970s as an intern. In 1984, he became the principal weather anchor at the station. His meteorology skills helped him become one of the most well-known broadcasters in the Pacific Northwest. During his career, he won eight Emmy Awards. In addition, he appeared on several popular television shows, including Good Morning America. He also hosted a popular nationally syndicated show, Front Runners.

Who is Steve Pool married to?

Steve Pool is a famous television personality and a former weatherman. He is 68 years old and was born in Seattle, Washington. He first became famous as the weatherman on the KOMO-TV station in Seattle. During his career, he has been nominated for more than 12 Emmy Awards. One of his most popular shows, “Front Runners,” featured Bill Nye.

Pool is married to Michelle Pool. The couple has been married for 24 years. They have two daughters. Lindsey is studying Arts and Sciences while Marissa is studying unknown. The couple lives in Los Angeles, California. They have two daughters, Marissa and Lindsey. Their net worth is estimated to be $17 million.

Steve Pool was born on 5 November 1953. He has a Scorpio zodiac sign and celebrates his birthday on the same day every year. His birth flower is Chrysanthemum. He is still alive and has two daughters with his wife Michelle. He has been suffering from prostate cancer, which is why he is currently receiving treatment.

How old is Steve Pool KOMO?

Steve Pool is a principal weather anchor for KOMO-TV in Seattle, Washington. He began his career with the station in 1977 as an intern. He later worked as a science reporter and weekend news anchor. In 1984, he became the station’s primary weather forecaster after Ray Ramsey retired. His age is 65.

As a weathercaster, Pool is one of Seattle’s most experienced and respected broadcasters. For 40 years, he has bridged eras in television news, and his work has earned him multiple Emmy awards. Unlike many people in the business, Pool has never been tied down to one station.

As of March 2019, Steve Pool’s net worth is estimated at $one million. He has multiple sources of income and lives a simple lifestyle. He was born on November 5, 1953, making him a senior citizen.

Is Eric Johnson still on KOMO?

Eric Johnson has anchored KOMO’s 5 p.m. newscast since 2006. He replaced longtime news anchor Dan Lewis, who retired from his anchor desk in May 2014. Previously, Johnson hosted a weekend sports segment on KOMO 4 and was a sports director at KREM 2 from January 2009 to May 2012. Eric Johnson was born in Spokane and graduated from Washington State University with a degree in broadcasting. His career in TV has included more than 25 Regional Emmy Awards, and he was the recipient of a National Edward R. Murrow Award in 2007.

Despite his successful career, Johnson’s personal life is not well known. He has kept his private life to himself. However, his social media interactions are impressive. His segment is sponsored by The Retirement Solution, a retirement planning firm. It typically lasts five to six minutes.

Is Mary Nam still with KOMO News?

Mary Nam is a reporter for KOMO News in Seattle, Washington. She began her career in Spokane, reporting on breaking news stories. She was nominated for several Emmy Awards for her work. Her career spanned more than a decade, and she has covered a wide range of stories from the field to behind the desk.

Mary Nam was previously a co-anchor on KOMO 4 News and later anchored the 5 p.m. news with Jim Harriott. She made headlines when she became the first American local television news reporter to broadcast live from Germany, reporting from the Brandenburg Gate in West Berlin. Afterwards, she took a three-year hiatus from late night newscasts, but returned to KOMO on January 3, 2007.

When Sinclair bought KOMO in 2013, staff members feared that their jobs would be threatened. The executives, all white men, were not welcoming to a diverse staff. It’s a complicated relationship that has continued over the years.

Where did Rebecca Stevenson go?

In December 2007, when Steve Pool was diagnosed with cancer, Rebecca Stevenson left Northwest Community News for KIRO/7 in Vancouver, British Columbia. She left to pursue her dream of becoming a radio host. In the meantime, she was dealing with her own cancer. She was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Hodgkin’s lymphoma.