What To Look For In The Best Compression Knee Braces

What To Look For In The Best Compression Knee Braces

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Knee injuries are very common injuries sustained by athletes. As a matter of fact, 15% of all sports injuries involve the knee and according to the Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine, there are about 150,000 ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injuries every year in the United States.

This injury, however, is not limited to athletes but anyone can sustain a knee injury, just by doing normal activity such as walking, which is something done by every able-bodied person who can use their feet. Due to its prevalence, there are many products designed to treat or support the knee during treatment to help speed up recovery or prevent further damage. One of the most common items used for such purposes is the compression knee sleeve or knee brace from G7 – Solutions . These articles are designed to help support muscles while helping to relieve stiffness, soreness and pain overall. Additionally, they help increase blood flow to the affected area and in some cases are even good for the treatment of wounds for faster healing.

With the large number of knee braces available on the market, it is sometimes difficult for athletes and others who may suffer from knee injuries to select the most suitable ones to suit their needs. For starters, many of them say they do the same things, while some make false promises which may leave the user feeling disappointed. If you are faced with such a dilemma, there are several things to look for which can make your search for a quality compression knee sleeve much easier.

Copper Infused

The use of copper as a treatment for aches and pains can be traced back thousands of years since copper was among the first metals to be discovered and used in medicine. Its use is said to be linked to the reduction of pain and increased blood flow, desirable attributes for anyone who may be suffering from knee injuries. The best knee braces will therefore contain copper thread, as much as 88%, with the rest of it made up of stretchy material such as spandex. With this high concentration of copper, the injured person can experience all the benefits that copper has to offer and then some. This could quite possibly result in less pain during rehabilitation and even a faster recovery time.

Moisture Absorbing

Wearing compression knee sleeves for an extended period of time may be unhygienic if they retain sweat or moisture. When that happens, they can smell quite funky and may also result in itching and rashes. High quality knee braces which are made with highly breathable materials not only absorb moisture but ensure that it is dissipated back into the air, thereby keeping the skin dry. They are also anti-odor and antibacterial to ensure that there are no accumulation of microbes which can result in infections and exacerbate an already painful situation. Such a knee brace makes it possible for the user to wear it almost anywhere since they won’t have to worry about unpleasant smells and discomfort from itching.

Encourages Freedom of Movement

Even when the right size compression knee sleeve is used, if it is too restricting, the user will still feel uncomfortable and may not even benefit as much as he or she should. A good knee brace will fit comfortably while allowing for freedom of movement, whether during training and competition or by just wearing it to the office. It achieves this by first providing a snug fit that might make the wearer even forget that they are wearing it. Also, it should be highly elastic, allowing for full flexing of the knee yet not losing its shape even after many back and forth movements.

Extremely Versatile

The knee is not only susceptible to injury but can also be affected by arthritis, inflammation and other discomforts. The best knee brace will offer superior protection and support like the one made by G7 – Solutions for all these eventualities by way of design. On top of that, in helping to treat all these mishaps that could affect the knee, a quality knee brace is also versatile in being able to be worn during all rehabilitative efforts. As such, it can be worn to the gym, during physiotherapy, at the office and around the house. In other words, it should be a multipurpose support suitable for use by athletes, arthritic patients, weightlifters, martial artists, cross trainers, cyclists, hikers and even people who travel.

Taking care of your knee is very essential in order to continue enjoying a life filled with movement since the knee joint is directly linked to movement of the feet. Therefore, getting your hands on the most suitable knee brace to suit your active lifestyle needs is very important. With the large number of such items available on the market, especially on Amazon, you should take your time checking out the pros and cons of each before making a final selection.


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