The Facial Clay that Enhances Your Looks and Builds Your Confidence

The Facial Clay that Enhances Your Looks and Builds Your Confidence

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Facial Clay
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The facial clay mask from Oshi Glows is a top selling product on and for the status it enjoys does not come easy. It gained its reputation on the merits of its performance. It is a bentonite clay mask.

Satisfied customer Sita Guther had the following to say,“Since turning 40 I have been continually searching for new products to help defy the effects of aging and the environment on my skin. A facial mask has been a regular part of my routine as a I strive to heal, refresh and revitalize my skin. I have finally found the ultimate mask in the Oshi-Glows Clay mask.” When you have confidence that the product you are using is actually helping you look your best, it actually goes a long way in helping you feel confident about yourself.

Confidence is like a second skin for many people, while for others it represents something that they hope to achieve one day. Talking about skin, we often visualize an individual brimming with confidence as having healthy glowing skin, a lovely smile, squared shoulders and a good posture. Healthy teeth that furnish a brilliant smile, and a glowing skin that helps to boost one’s confidence comes with adequate care.

The skin on your face will appear dull and blemished if it is not cleansed and exfoliated properly. Pores clogged from excess oil and embedded dirt and impurities can cause the skin to break out in unsightly acnes or you could end up with ugly blotches. Women often try to use makeup to hide these skin conditions, but a regular cleansing and exfoliating sessions with a good bentonite facial clay mask will leave you with healthy glowing skin.

The presence of a skin problem should never be the sole reason you reach for a clay mask. Facial care is necessary for both healthy and unhealthy skin, and quality clay masks are packed with goodies that helps the skin stay healthy or regain its health.

Select a Good Facial Clay Mask

Facial clay mask such as that from OShi Glows consists of healing clays that have a high mineral content. The healing clay in the product are Sodium Bentonite, Calcium Bentonite and Purified Smectite (Montmorillonite Bentonite) which are all great for cleansing and rejuvenating all skin types. The company states that, “Bentonite is well known to draw out toxins, to clean pores and eliminate blackheads, kill acne-related bacteria and reduce inflammation and irritations of the skin.”  When the clay is applied to the face, it goes to work exfoliating dead cells and removing dirt and oil while stimulating blood circulation to the skin. During that entire process, the minerals in the clay rejuvenates the skin.

Our skin is a live organ that is forever shedding and attempting to go through a renewal process. Without your help, the dead cells, dirt and excess oil will simply accumulate on and below the skin’s surface. A simple wash with soap and water is not an effective cleansing method. The regular use of clay facial mask ensures that:

  • dead skin cells are removed
  • improves circulation to the skin
  • removes debris from your pores

The overall results is that you are left with smooth healthy glowing skin.


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