The Benefits of Fish Oil Omega 3 Burpless

The Benefits of Fish Oil Omega 3 Burpless

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Burpless Fish Oil
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Fishing for Good Health

We’ve all heard that fish oil is good for us but how? What qualities can we strengthen by taking it? Research has been done that shows that they are many ways fish oil can benefit us. These include;

  • Increase heart health
  • Make hair shiny
  • Make skin smooth
  • Improve memory
  • Help fight a range of diseases

There are also a number of other benefits that can come from fish oil.

Protection against Air Pollution

In 2012 a study was conducted that tested fish oil’s ability to protect people from the adverse effects air pollution that can have on cardiac and lipid health. Twenty nine healthy middle aged men receive either 3 grams of fish oil or a placebo daily for 4 weeks and were exposed to unclean air for a total of 2 hours. Researchers concluded that those who actually took the fish oil didn’t have the same negative effects as those who didn’t.

Improves Bone Health

The Omega 3 fatty acid DHA has been found to be essential for bone health reducing the risk for osteoporosis. A study was done comparing the effects of omega-3 DHA and omega-6 DPA on modeling healthy bones in rats. The rats who received omega-3 DHA had a higher bone mineral content and density than those who received omerga-6. In order to avoid osteoporosis one should combined omega-3 with a strength training regimen.

Usually each fish oil capsule contains about 900-1000 mg. The amount of EPA and DHA can vary dueto the manufacturer. A good way to find the right concentration is to add the DHA and the EPA and be sure that it equals half the content of the capsule. However, if you have specific goals you can choose a different ratio. If you want to decrease inflammation then you should choose a brand that offers higher levels of EPA but if you’re interested in mood/brain health you should choose a brand with higher levels of DHA. There are capsules that are available in a 6:1 ratio.

Improves the Body’s Ability to Burn Fat

A study in southern Austria was done that found that fish oil omega 3 burpless had significant qualities that help people burn fat when combined with exercise. Overweight and obese individuals with metabolic syndrome and risk for heart disease were given omega 3 daily as well as took part in a mild aerobic exercise 3 times a week for 12 weeks. Body fat stores were greatly reduced in the group that had a combination of fish oil and exercise as opposed to groups that only had one of each.

It was determined that the insulin-sensitizing properties of DHA and the anti-inflammatory qualities of EPA can be a powerful weight loss combination when use with exercise.

Fish oil can have many benefits. Better heart health, stronger bones, and weight loss are just a few of them. By taking it regularly you can build up your health leading to a longer, more energy filled life. Optimal Health Labs fish oil omega 3 burpless, found on has one of the top fish oil supplements on Amazon with a large number of five star reviews.

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