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Yacon Root Syrup

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Yacon Root Syrup

You may have been hearing many wonderful things about the goodness of yacon root syrup. Like everything else that is lauded with claims of healing powers, you should inform yourself about the facts of the product before you make that purchase. Here’s a quick rundown of some key facts you should know about yacon root syrup before you go out and get yourself a bottle.

  • Suppresses the appetite – Studies have shown that when taken regularly, yacon root syrup suppresses the appetite. The less you eat, the fewer calories your body will have to process. Overtime the body will use up all the excess calorie, and your calorie intake will become less than the daily requirement, therefore creating a deficit. The body will then start to metabolize its calorie reserves, causing you to lose weight.
  • Increases your metabolic rate – In addition tosuppressing the appetite, yacon root syrup increases the metabolic rate. Those two factors create a forceful combination for any weight loss program. Yacon root syrup helps you to limit the amount of food you eat, therefore helping you to cut down on your calorie intake. You are then able to burn off twice the amount of calories you would on a regular basis, therefore increasing your metabolic rate and yielding fantastic results.
  • Reconditions the digestive system – Ever wondered why as a child you were so full of life and energy? So much so that your parents had to help you count sheep one hundred times over for you to fall asleep, but as an adult, you have to be begging your body to allow you to perform at maximum capacity. As we age, the body becomes weighed down with all the gunk from the foods we eat, liqueur and late nights partying and having fun. Our system then becomes sluggish and can no longer absorb nutrients as it should. Consuming yacon root syrup on a daily basis for a few weeks or months will completely reboot your body. It corrects sluggish digestion as well as a slow metabolic rate, getting the body back to its original state where it will now absorb the amount of nutrients it needs, and gets rid of excess calories instead of storing them as fat. That allows you to maintain a normal body mass instead of packing on the weight.

Global Health Ideas, a top seller of raw yacon root syrup on Amazon.com, cited a recent study which was conducted to ascertain the effectiveness of the natural sweetener when used for weight loss. Information supplied by the company indicates that, “40 women ate one teaspoon of yacon syrup with or before each meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for four weeks. They did not change their diets or exercise habits. Of these 40 women: 29 (73%) of the women lost weight and of those 29, 14 lost five pounds or more.”

Yacon root syrup is high in prebiotics and probiotics. It also contains up to 50% of FOS (fructooligosaccharides), a soluble fibre which feeds the good bacteria in the gut, boosting the immune system and increasing the body’s anti-inflammatory potential.