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Top 5 Heart Health Tips

Courtesy of: Sunnybrook Hospital

Check out the easy heart health tips from a registered dietitian in Sunnybrook Hospital

1 Food

Top 5 Heart Health Tips

Try and keep a healthy diet that’s low in fat, low in sodium or salt, and high in fiber. So things like lots of fruits and vegetables to get your fiber, fresh foods to avoid the salt, try to stay away from fried foods and processed foods as much as possible.

2 Avoid Smoking

Smoking is related to about one in five deaths from heart disease. It can damage blood vessels, decrease the amount of oxygen to the heart and boost blood pressure

3 Keep An Active Lifestyle

Top 5 Heart Health Tips

Thirty minutes of moderate activity, meaning your heart rate is elevated is recommended everyday.

4 Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight

Healthy body weight is important for reducing your risk of heart attack and stroke, and it helps to keep your blood pressure under control. When it comes to waist circumference, men should not exceed 102centimeters, and women 88centimeters.

5 Reduce Your Stress

Top 5 Heart Health Tips

External stress can put internal stress like oxidative stress as well. Your body does react to things your brain sends out different hormones when you’re stressed.