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Burpless Fish Oil

Omega Health Labs made an Optimal Omega-3 burpless fish oil supplements. It is brings with it a horde of health benefits. While there is no dearth of fish oil supplements and most companies make similar claims, the Optimal Omega-3 has some unique propositions and some benefits that are yet unmatched.

  • First, Optimal Omega-3 is a burpless fish oil supplement. You may or may not be aware that fish oils may result in ‘fishy’ burps. A normal human being generates about ten odd pints of gas, which could be a little more or less depending on various factors such as lifestyle, dietary habits, digestive abilities and the manner of eating that one indulges in. The quantum of gas formed in the gastrointestinal tracts can increase fairly when one consumes fish oils or fishes. There is no avoiding it unless you cook the fish oils in the right way or you eat something that would not puff out the burps. Since fish oil supplements are the best source for Omega-3 fatty acids, it is better to opt for them but most supplements would lead you to having burps that are unpleasant. To avoid that, you can opt for Optimal Omega-3 which is one of the few burpless fish oils in the market at the moment.
  • Optimal Omega 3 is a burpless fish oil supplement because of a simple reason. It has softgels which are enteric coated. The coating ensures that the fish oil softgels don’t facilitate the gas formation and they get readily absorbed by the body. When such supplements get readily absorbed, apart from negating the burps, there is also the advantage of getting the most out of the nutrients. If the nutrients are not readily absorbed then you don’t get the full advantage. With many supplements that are not applied topically, a quantum of the nutrients could be lost through secretion in the body and excretion from the body. With Optimal Omega-3 burpless fish oil, that will not happen.
  • The third reason why you should consider buying the Optimal Omega-3 burpless fish oil by Omega Health Labs is its contents. The finest fish oils from Herring, Anchovy, Sardine, Salmon and Mackerel, gelatin, vegetable glycerin, purified water, natural vitamin E, enteric coating and soy; these are the ingredients of the Optimal Omega-3 burpless fish oil.

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At Optimal Health Labs we strongly believe in providing our customers with premium quality health and weight loss products at the best possible prices.

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