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3 Beauty Tips With a Spoon

Courtesy of: Michelle Phan

Learn the three different ways to use your spoon for your beauty routine

1. Frozen Spoons

3 Beauty Tips With a Spoon

The frozen spoons will gonna help firm and tighten the skin reducing the appearance of dark puffy eyes. Now flip your spoons over and press it against your face.

2. Spoon Curler

3 Beauty Tips With a Spoon

Curling your lashes using a spoon has been around for ages. It’s an old fashion that’s full proof. What you need to do is take the edge of the spoon and line it up with your lashes, with your thumb gently press your lashes agains the edge of the spoon.

3. Hot N Melty Spoon

3 Beauty Tips With a Spoon

Using just the spoon and heat. Find some petroleum jelly, add a little bit of blush or eye shadow in the spoon .