Jump Rope Cardio Workout: Cardiovascular Fitness and Jumping Rope.

Jump Rope Cardio Workout: Cardiovascular Fitness and Jumping Rope.

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Jump Rope Cardio Workout: Cardiovascular Fitness and Jumping Rope.
Jump Rope Cardio Workout: Cardiovascular Fitness and Jumping Rope.
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Watch this video for an effective jump rope workout.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the leading cause of death in the United States is cardiovascular/heart disease. Heart disease refers to various types of heart conditions.  In addition, the American Heart Association reports that over 2,100 Americans die of cardiovascular disease each day, which is about one death every 40 seconds.  In light of such frightening statistics, the CDC advises that, in order to help prevent heart disease, healthy choices must be made.  It is therefore important to have a healthy cardiovascular system so as to reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Jump rope cardio workouts are possibly the easiest ways that this can be accomplished. Cardiovascular diseases have warning signs and signals but persons who are overweight or obese tend to be at greater risk, hence the need for regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight.

Having good cardiovascular fitness decreases your risk of cardiovascular diseases, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases.  Caloriesecrets.net reports that 1lb of fat is equivalent to 3500 calories.  Therefore in order to lose one pound of fat, 3500 calories must be burned. To eliminate unwanted fat, as the CDC recommends, adjustments should be made to your dieting habits.  It is advised, however, that in order to achieve weight loss one should aim to cut their calorie intake, as well as applying regular exercise to the daily routine.  Research has proven that persons attain weight loss goals when they use diet and exercise to balance calories. The Surgeon General recommends that adults should engage in moderate-intensity exercise for at least 2 hours and 30 minutes every week. Spending up to about 30 minutes with a jump rope per day is an easy way in which one can burn up to 300 calories.  So, in order to lose one pound per week it is required that you eliminate 200 calories from your diet and do a 30 minute session with the jump rope each day.

Cardiovascular Benefits of Jumping Rope

As defined by personal trainer Karen Frazier, “cardiovascular fitness is the ability of the cardiovascular system (heart, lungs and vessels) to efficiently supply oxygenated blood to working muscles, as well as the muscles to use the oxygen delivered by the blood supply as a source of energy for movement.”  Essentially, cardiovascular fitness is defined by the ability of the heart to efficiently circulate blood through your body. Increasing cardiovascular fitness means increasing the capability of the heart and the rest of the cardiovascular to perform well daily.  Employing a jump rope workout is one of the best ways to improve the functionality of your cardiovascular system.   In order to get the full benefits out of a cardio jump rope workout, your session should be intense and not laid back.  Within the session ensure that you apply various techniques to keep your heart pumping.   You can start your exercise with a running form, where you would try to touch your butt with the heel of your foot as you jump, as if you were running without a jump rope.  Also, try to jump at least 2 inches from the floor at this point.  After doing this for about a minute, you could do a regular jump which is jumping about 1-2 inches from the floor for about 5 minutes.  While doing this you can increase the speed each minute.  You can even put in your own mix and variations to spice up the workout.  You just need to slowly work yourself into your jump roping workout session.  You may also need to do some stretching exercise before you begin to warm up your body.

According to Buddy Lee, former wrestler and two-time U.S. Marine Corps athlete of the year, jumping rope is an excellent option for cardiovascular training because it involves whole-body movement and can be especially vigorous.  Jumping rope gets the heart rate up quickly and keeps it high as you continue through the workout session.  This is why there are so many benefits for the cardiovascular system from a simple jump rope workout.   In fact, as Lee admits, jumping rope provides far more beneficial effects for the heart than most other exercises.

Additionally, an associate professor of Cardiology/Pulmonary Medicine from the University of Connecticut Health Center commented that jumping rope strengthens the upper the upper and lower body and burns a lot of calories in a short time.  It is definitely advised that persons starting out with low fitness levels should gradually work their way into the exercise.  This means that individual should start out with low-intensity routines and build on it as they progress.

Additionally, as with any exercise program, all beginners should approach with caution.  Consider also that jumping rope may not be the most suitable exercise option for every individual.  It is therefore advised to consult with your doctor, a physician or healthcare provider to ensure your heart would be able to manage the training before proceeding to a jump rope cardio workout.

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