How Probiotics In Yacon Syrup Help You

How Probiotics In Yacon Syrup Help You

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Yacon Syrup
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There are two kinds of bacteria found naturally in the human gut. One is known as prebiotics, which are bad bacteria, and the other is known as probiotics, which are good bacteria. The bad bacteria or prebiotics in the human gastrointestinal tract are not necessarily harmful to one’s health as the body is accustomed to their presence. It becomes a cause for concern when the count of prebiotics exceeds that of probiotics (good bacteria).

The healthy bacteria or probiotics are necessary for the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and the immune system. There is essentially no need to have probiotics, and certainly no need to consume prebiotics since they are already present in the body. Due to the imbalance of the two, it is sometimes necessary, and not just recommended, to consume probiotics.

Yacon Syrup by GHI is loaded with probiotics. There are some foods that have generous quantities of probiotics, curd being a very common one, and Yacon Syrup being a very simple and tasty choice for the same benefit. Studies conducted across the world have clinically proven that consuming good or healthy bacteria is extremely beneficial for the human body. It has also been clinically proven that Yacon Syrup contains a lot of probiotics which makes it a great health drink.

There are essentially two ways that probiotics in Yacon Syrup help you. First, they help to keep the count of bad bacteria in check. When the count of bad bacteria or prebiotics exceed that of the good bacteria in the gut, there can be a horde of various health problems. When there are enough good bacteria, they feed on the bad bacteria and keep their count in check.

The second way that probiotics help the human body is by testing the immune system. While probiotics are healthy bacteria, they are pathogens nonetheless. The immune system is put to the test when these good bacteria are consumed so the immune system is better prepared to meet actual challenges presented by unhealthy or harmful pathogens.

Probiotics are useful in helping to combat many health conditions. Studies have inferred that probiotics are good for treating diarrhea among kids, ulcerative colitis, necrotizing enterocolitis, pouchitis, eczema, irritable bowel syndrome, vaginitis, Crohn’s disease and ear infections, common colds and strep throat, among others. Probiotics in Yacon Syrup from GHI’s are good for people of all ages.



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