How Does Copper In Arthritis Pain Relief Cream Help You?

How Does Copper In Arthritis Pain Relief Cream Help You?

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Arthritis Pain Relief Cream
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You may have heard people talking about copper bracelets to manage arthritic pain. For many years, copper bracelets have been an unconventional or a nonscientific approach to managing arthritic pain. Given the pain that is associated with the different types of arthritis, anyone would want relief. Whichever form or method brings that relief would certainly be welcomed. Copper can indeed help in reducing arthritic pain, which is why it finds its use in arthritis pain relief cream.

While copper does have an impact, copper bracelets don’t have as much of an impact compared to an arthritis pain relief cream. Copper bracelets are mostly worn on the hand but it is not always the wrist 3that develops arthritic pain. Arthritis is primarily associated with the knees but the shoulders, ankles, elbows and wrists can also be affected. Bracelets worn on the wrists can seldom reach out to the knees or other parts of the body as effectively as an arthritis pain relief cream, which will be administered or applied at the exact position where one feels the pain.

You may not be aware of how copper in an arthritis pain relief cream actually works. If the metal does have a positive impact then there has to be an explanation. The ancient Egyptians used copper as a natural pain reliever but there is little in the scriptures to explain why they thought that copper would offer relief from pain. Modern science has a few explanations and there are some theories as well.

Copper has the ability to ease joint stiffness and can reduce pain in the joints, bones and muscles. A theory implies that pain in the body is due to trapped electricity. Whenever a part of the body gets inflamed, it traps a quantum of electricity and that is what causes the pain. Copper which is a great conductor of energy or electricity, manages to extract this electricity or draw it out from the hurting area and thus, the bones, joints or muscles feel relieved of pain. It is a very simple theory which also applies to magnets but copper is more easily used in creams because it is absolutely safe. One cannot possibly use magnets in an arthritis pain relief cream such as the World’s Best Cream.

There is another theory that explains why copper works so well to offer relief from arthritic pain. The metal, according to the “Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine,” has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, both of which are scientifically proven to be great pain relievers.



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