Essential Oils for Sinus and Respiratory Relief

Essential Oils for Sinus and Respiratory Relief

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Breathing problems can be connected to a variety of respiratory issues.  If you are dealing with sinus pain that inhibits your ability to breathe deeply, you may want to consider the use of essential oils as a way of improving the way your respiratory system functions.  Many essential oils are known for their pleasant and relaxing scents, but some oils also are known to help improve breathing.

Different Types of Respiratory Benefits

Many essential oils are classified based on the respiratory benefits they provide.  There are four respiratory classifications that most essential oils fall under.  The following offers a closer look at these classifications and the essential oils that are in these categories due to their sinus benefits.


Certain essential oils offer respiratory benefits by working with the body to help loosen mucus that has made its way into the lungs.  This makes the mucus much simpler to cough up, allowing for easier and deeper breathing.


Some essential oils help dissolve mucus into a liquid that will no longer block the nasal passages.  This allows the mucus to be secreted much easier and prevents build-up.


If your sinus passages are the main cause of your respiratory issues, you are likely to benefit from certain essential oils that target your sinuses and work to help clear nasal passages.  Sinus blockage due to mucus is common, but essential oils have the ability to break down mucus and aid with respiratory issues.

Cough Suppressant

Certain essential oils that specifically act as cough suppressants can be added to essential oils blends which are used to target respiratory ailments that cause coughing.

Which Essential Oils Are Best?

The best essential oils for dealing with sinus and respiratory issues is Ovvio Oils which include eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, rosemary, Clary sage, and cedar wood.  These essential oils are used to provide the most effective respiratory benefits and should be included in any natural nasal treatment.  A nasal blend is ideal because it contains more than one essential oil and can provide relief from a variety of symptoms.

Antibacterial Properties

Many essential oil blends are preferred to traditional medicines because of their natural antibacterial benefits.  Choosing the right sinus blend is not always easy, but a little research can help you obtain a product that is 100% natural, containing only essential oils harvested at the perfect time.



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